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Today is a new day and an opportunity to thrive with purpose in your journey to peace and harmony.

About Me

Hello and welcome! I am Jeanpaulo A. Gonzalez, commonly known as JP, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker fluent in both English and Spanish. My professional focus centers on serving adolescents and adults across diverse backgrounds. I firmly endorse the notion that transformative change and an enhanced quality of life emerge when one's needs are addressed through a holistic approach. As such, my primary objective is to engage in collaborative efforts with you on the journey towards personal growth, recovery, and healing.



Individual Therapy

The road to healing and growth is a journey I want to take with you. During this process we will have the opportunity to address presenting symptoms and behaviors, examine current triggers, process past traumatic experiences, address unresolved grief and loss, and manage social expectations to help you become your most authentic self.

Life Coaching

Coaching is another opportunity for personal growth and the realization of your potential. If you are seeking career development, life organization, recreational goals, financial freedom goals, healthy living or discovering the creative self, Life coaching will help you in your journey toward realizing your potential to thrive. 


Consultation is for those seeking fast and immediate access to expert advice that can help you achieve personal and professional milestones. Through this collaborative process we identify your strengths, minimize weaknesses, and improve your overall productivity. 

Pre-Marital & Marital Counseling

Relationships are always changing, whether it's stepping from dating into marriage, or transitioning from the early years of marriage into the later. Relationships thrive with investment. We will explore ways to communicate effectively and I will help you learn healthy ways of listening and responding to one another to encourage harmony and longevity in your relationship. 

Phone & Virtual Counseling

You may be in need of flexibility or convenience in your life, and if you are I can provide phone & virtual counseling to collaborate in your journey in ways that work for you where you're at. If you prefer talking in the comfort of your own environment or you need to protect your physical safety as we all have in the past months, your journey to growth and healing does not need to be put on pause.

Call or email me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

Phone: 909.264.1388


Office Location

101 E. Redlands Blvd.
Suite 234a
Redlands, CA 92373


Let's Talk
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